About Me

I was a specialist nurse in drug & alcohol dependence from 1994 to 2014. From 2007 to 2014 I had my own single-handed CQC registered private practice specialising in treating people with alcohol problems.

Have you ever had a drink problem?

No - I'm fortunate.

How do you know what you're talking about then?

If I'd overcome a drink problem, it'd be difficult for me to tell you about anything apart from my own story. This guide is based on having seen many people try to solve their problems, using all sorts of different methods and techniques and treatments. Some have succeeded, some haven't. I've tried to pick out what the crucial ingredients are of those who have done well.

Why I've written this guide

A lot of clients I've seen feel overwhelmed with all the different things they've read or heard about drink problems and how to solve them. It's one of those areas where lots of different people think they're an expert and proclaim authoritatively what you should do. All very confusing.

Most of the stuff here is based on reliable, up to date research, but inevitably a lot of what I’ve written is based on my clinical experience. I’ve done my best to make it clear when I’m expressing a personal view. There are plenty of other opinions on the subject, and I'm sure lots of ex-drinkers, health professionals and academics will take issue with me on some things. Such is the nature of lively debate in an interesting field. I’d welcome correspondence from anyone, whether they agree or disagree with me: .

I deliberately haven’t littered the text with references, but anyone who wants to know my source material can look in the Bibliography and further reading section.